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The building to the left of Lutrell House was originally the workshop of Samuel Dunn who rented it from Robert Knight. Hazards 1st shop can be seen with its blind down. This was later rebuilt after a fire. After a second fire, Hazard gave up and the site of the shop is now a car park next to Perias.
The original Hazard Shop with a salesboard for Friths Photographs of local views
The first Hazard Shop
The second Hazard Shop
Peria to the left of Lutrell House
R.H. Hazard Letterhead

East of 'The Court' in the early part of the nineteenth century Samuel Dunn occupied a house and workshop, owned by Robert Knight. Dunn built the cholera house in 1834 which cost £24. I have already mentioned in Part I that ho made a shower bath for Miss Haycock. I wish he had told us more about her and where she lived. However she kept bees as Dunn made a new patent hive for her. I gather the shower bath was a success as he also made one for Mrs. Hawtree, the cost of which was 3/-.Mr. Burnard, well known in the village in the 1830s and a great supporter of the chapel, apparently had an unpleasant smell in his house and on November 1st. 1834 Dunn had to take down cosings, whatever that was, and found a dead rat. His charge was 1/4 and 6d for nails and tax. Which I think he meant tacks. (What curious items you can find in a builder's Day Book). He did a great deal of work at Catherston for Mr. and Mrs. Rose, throwing Timber. He repainted the chapel in May of that year, and spent many hours in the church which was beginning to show signs, of decay. He was also an undertaker. His wife was Charlotte Jefford of Uplyme and they had a, daughter - Eliza - who married his carpenter William Hoare. You can't miss their tomb as you walk up the Street, it is against the wall by the stump of the tree outside ''The Elms". His workmen were many, amongst them were Andrew, Phillip, his brothers I presume, and his father, also William Hoare and Wheaton. Andrew lived in a house owned by Smith and Fellows in 1839- Hoare was a clever carpenter and made the model of the old church. He lived, if he did not build it, in "Portland Cottage" and was a great friend of Thomas Tarr. Dunn afterwards went to live in the Axminster Road, and his workshop was owned by John Alwood. His chief work was being clerk of the works when the church was being built.
Later the site of his old workshop was owned by R.H.Hazard, who kept an ironmonger's and grocer's shop. In about 1890 these premises were burnt down and rebuilt. Another fire destroyed his shop and has remained an open space eversince. 'Peria' as it is now called is owned "by Harry Whatmore.

In 1907 Elizabeth Whatmore married Arthur Hitchcock, a Gardener. She was then aged 61 and he just 35. The 1911 Census shows her as the Landlady of The Royal Oak. She was to die the following year and he to die in 1931 aged 56. The Royal Oak remains in the hands of the family with Arthur and Maria Hitchcock. The 1922 Rates Book show Mary Ann Hazzard as living at Peria, with the Hitchcocks at The Royal Oak. The following year they move into Peria. Francis Harry Whatmore Joins them at The Royal Oak. In 1924 Francis Whatmore moves in to Peria with the Hitchcocks. By 1933 Maria Hitchcock is widowed and living with her at Peria are John  and Lily Whatmore and Francis Harry.
In the Second World War Francis Harry serves in the forces and Lily remains at Peria. By 1952 the Electoral Roll shows John and Lily joined by Edward and Francis Whatmore living in Peria on Charmouth's Main Street
1815 Land Tax showing Major Channing - Self - Loves - 3s8d
Major Channon for Self - House - 3s8d
Major Channon for late Webbers - Self - 2s1d.
This is the last Will and testament of Mr. Joseph Chaning of Charmouth in the County of Dorset Esquire, late Major with the Bengal Establishment. First I desire that I may be buried in Charmouth Church yard that my funeral may be mounted in a decent manner without any pomp and that a neat tomb may be erected over my grave which I desire may be erected and made on a direct line with the grave of the late Mr. Good. Also I give and devise unto the Reverend Brian Combe of Charmouth aforesaid Clerk and James Templer of Bridport in the said County, Gentleman. 
That messuage or dwelling house wherein I now live with the outhouses curtilage garden and appurtenances thereto belonging which I ... purchased of Mr. John Bragge for a long term of years absolute and also all that my other messuage or dwelling house with the curtilage, garden thereto belonging lying west of and adjoining to the said messuage or dwelling house wherein I now live which sometime since purchased in fee simple of James Love and also my close of meadow with the appurtenances containing about one acre lying within and being parcel of the Manor of Charmouth of which I hold by Copy of Court Roll of the said Manor for two lives. 
Lot 2 - A very desirable Dwelling House adjoining the Above (Luttrell House) consisting of four very good bedrooms, dressing room, closet, parlour, drawing room, vestibule, kitchen, laundry, cellar, with convenient offices attached and a neat walled garden, now in the occupation of Captain Ferris. To be auctioned on June 10th 1817  
61 Albury House William JUSON William JUSON House & Garden - - 2 3
62 Luttrell House Rev.Thomas HODGES Rev. Thomas HODGES House & Garden - - 2 19
63 Peria Hannah CHURCHILL Thomas DRAYTON House & Garden - - - 13
Hannah Churchill is living Providence Cottage with her daughter in 1841.

Lot 2 
A convenient General Shop with neat and commodious dwelling house and garden attached, on the north side of the street, and on the opposite side of, but not far from the Church. Besides shop, the dwelling house contains entrance hall, sitting room, parlour, kitchen, back kitchen, larder, pantry, and water closet, with extensive warehouses at the back, and has a frontage of 50 feet against the street, the whole being in the occupation of Mr. John Dunn, under a lease for the residue of a term of 14 years, from the 25th day of March 1866, at the yearly rent of £17 , payable quarterly. Messrs Tucker and Lake, solicitors April 26th 1871 

1851 Census shows John Dunn, aged 27 as a Mason. His wife, Frances is aged 29 an d their daughter, Mary.
1871 Census shows John Dunn, aged 47 as a Bulder employing 5 men and 3 boys. His wife, Frances is aged 49 and their daughter, Mary works as an assistant in their shop. In 1874 he is described as a Grocer.
An advert for John Dunn in Wellman`s Village Directory of 1865
9th August 1860
In/memory of/JOHN/the beloved husband of/FRANCES GIBBS DUNN/who departed this life/November 4* 1874, in his 50th year./"Looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ/Unto eternal life./He shines in the light of God/His likeness stamps his brow/Through the shadows of death his feet have trod/But he dwells in glory now"./Also in affectionate remembrance of/FRANCES GIBBS DUNN,/widow of the above/who died Dec. 27* 1890,aged 70/" All her earthly journeys past,/Every tear and pain gone by,/May we meet her at the last,/in the portal of the sky".
1881 Census
1891 Census shows Hazards living at Beauregard
1911 Census