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Surname Christian Relation M/S Age Address Occupation Birthplace
Abbey Helen Head W 62 Sharpstone Living on own Means Lower Wallop
Acase? Agar Head 48 Pipards Madras, India Police-Fuseleigh Guildford
Alexander Martha Servant W 65 House House Keeper Pewsey
Allen Eliza Head W. 70 Church Hill Living on Means Freshford
Anglesmith Reginald Head M 49 Grove Cottage Clergy Calne
Anglesmith Lucy Wife M 27 Grove Cottage Clifton.Bristol
Anglesmith Reginald Son S 9 Grove Cottage Clifton.Bristol
Aust Daniel Head W. 73 Old Farm House Farmer Colerne
Aust Ernest Son S 28 Old Farm House Farmer`s son Freshford
Aust Selina Daughter S 31 Old Farm House Freshford
Bailey George Head M 61 Mount Pleasant Road Labourer Freshford
Bailey Ellen Wife M 59 Mount Pleasant Tailoress Norton St Phillips
Bailey John Son S 24 Mount Pleasant Gardener-Domestic Freshford
Bailey George Head M 43 Claremont Field? Retired Miller/Farmer Wick
Bailey Elizabeth Wife M 49 Claremont Field? Bradford,Wilts
Baker James Husband M 49 Church Hill Labourer-Canal Boat Axford
Baker Fanny Wife M 48 Church Hill Charwoman Freshford
Baker Fanny Daughter 13 Church Hill Freshford
Baker Sarah Daughter 10 Church Hill Freshford
Baker Elicia Servant S 13 Hill View House Maid Marksbury
Baskett Dorothea Head S 82 Hill View Living on own Means Blandford
Baskett Thomas brother S 87 Hill View Retired Cival Service Clerk Blandford
Bath Thomas Head M 38 Ashes Lane Stone Quarry Man Freshford
Bath Mary Wife M 37 Ashes Lane Laundress Freshford
Bath Martha Daughter 12 Ashes Lane Limpley Stoke
Bath Edward Son 10 Ashes Lane Limpley Stoke
Bath Anne Daughter 8 Ashes Lane Freshford
Bath Gladys Daughter 1 Ashes Lane Freshford
Bealey Rose Servant S 20 The Hermitage General Servant Leigh on Mendip
Bilben George Head 33 Pipehouse Stone Quarry Man, above Ground Okeford Childe
Bilben Mary Wife 27 Pipehouse Laundress Hinton Charterhouse
Bilben Elsie Daughter 2 Pipehouse Okeford Childe
Bilben Herbert Son 1 Pipehouse Okeford Childe
Bought James Lodger W 57 Freshford Street Labourer Colerne
Bray Frederick Head M 64 Park Corner Farmer-retired Freshford
Bray Martha Wife M 54 Park Corner Bristol
Bris Walter Head M 27 Rosemary Lane Grocers Porter Trowbridge
Bris Emma Wife M 29 Rosemary Lane Laundress Freshford
Bris Walter Son 2 Rosemary Lane Freshford
Bristol Ellen Servant S 19 Abbotsleigh Parlour Maid Stanton. Wilts
Brook Martha Head S 62 The Hermitage Living on own Means Helinforth. Yorks
Browning Mary S 31 Freshford Manor House Maid Kidderminster
Bryant Ethel Servant S 16 Hill Side General Domestic Westbrook
Bucombe Thomas S in L M 26 Rosemary Lane Mason-Stone Marshfield
Bucombe Emily Daughter M 30 Rosemary Lane Freshford
Bucombe Anne G.Daughter 1 Rosemary Lane Freshford
Bucombe Emily G.Daughter 2m Rosemary Lane Freshford
Bundon Henry Head M 60 Freshford Street Shoe Maker Freshford
Bundon Margaret Daughter S 14 Freshford Street Box
Bundon Emily Servant M 45 Rosemary Lane Cook Domestic Box
Burt Arthur Head M 33 Mount Pleasant Labourer-Shoddy Mill Berwick St Johns
Burt Mary Wife M 31 Mount Pleasant Laundress Freshford
Burt Lilian Daughter 8 Mount Pleasant Bradford,Wilts
Carrington Frances Servant S 29 Freshford Manor Maid Bedford
Chapman William head M 62 The Rectory Clergyman, Church of England Cheshunt
Chapman Margaret Wife M 40 The Rectory Boston, Yorks
Chapman Constance Daughter 11 The Rectory Farnington
Chapman Edward Son 8 The Rectory Freshford
Clapp Eliza Visitor W 59 Rose Lawn House Keeper Swindon
Clark Ann Servant S 27 Ivythorpe General Domestic Bath
Collins Florence Servant S 18 Stanley Hill Laundress Freshford
Collins Henry L. S 37 Park Corner Stone Quarry Man with Farm Freshford
Collins Emily Head M 64 Park Corner Freshford
Collins Rosina Daughter S 25 Park Corner Laundress Freshford
Coombs Ann Head W 86 Church Hill Freshford
Coombs Alice Head S 41 Sharpstone Lodging House Keeper Bath
Cope Walter Boarder W 40 The Coffee Room Joiner & Carpenter london
Corp James Head M 30 Mount Pleasant Foreman-Baker-Bread & Confectioner Bristol
Corp Emma Wife M 29 Mount Pleasant Freshford
Cox Elizabeth Servant S 47 Hill View Cook Evershot
Crees Eva Servant S 15 Sharpstone General Servant Norton St Phillips