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This Web site for Bath, in Somerset provides a wide collection of maps, photographs and other sources for local history and genealogy.There are in depth links to many Historic buildings and families associated with this City.
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1327 Tax List
1569 Muster List
1641 Return List
1666 Hearth Tax
1700 Poor Rates

1705 Poor Rates

1715 Poor Rates

1718 Church Rates

1733 Poor Rates
1734 Church Rates

1735 Poor Rates

1766 Land Tax
1666-1766 Tax lists
1827 Land Tax
1837 Tithe Map List
1841 Census
1843 Voters List

1850 Voters List
1854 Directory
1858 Directory
1860 Directory
1861 Census
1864 Directory
1872 Directory
1876 Directory

1878 Directory
1880 Directory
1881 Census
1892 Directory
1900 Directory
1901 Census
1923 Directory
1935 Directory

Freshford History Book

Freshford Today

Freshford Manor
Freshford Tokens
Freshford Yesterdays
Hart Family
Morris`s Store
New Inn
Old Manor
Old House
Post Office
The Hall
Titfield Thunderbolt Film 1953

St. Peters

St. Peters in 1874