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Details of Will
Date of Will
Ref. No:
Abraham,Will of John Abraham, Retired Lieutenant of Invalids in His Majesty's Service of Bradford , Wiltshire06 November 1822PROB 11/1663
Abraham,Will of Magdalen Abraham, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire08 November 1825PROB 11/1705
Abrahams,Will of John Abrahams, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire02 October 1833PROB 11/1822
AlandWill of Thomas Aland, Clothier of Bradford, Wiltshire13 July 1733PROB 11/660
Aland,Will of Jane Aland, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire02 April 1750PROB 11/778
Aland,Will of Isaac Aland, Clothworker of Bradford , Wiltshire10 July 1786PROB 11/1143
AldeweekeWill of William Aldeweeke or Alderweeke, Clothworker of Bradford, Wiltshire18 March 1680PROB 11/362
Amsbury,Will of Robert Amsbury, Tailor of Bradford , Wiltshire30 October 1754PROB 11/811
Atkins,Will of John Atkins, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire25 November 1814PROB 11/1562
AtwoodWill of Richard Atwood of Bradford , Wiltshire14 June 1808PROB 11/1480
Atwood,Will of Ann Atwood, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire01 April 1843PROB 11/1977
Aust,Will of Uriah Aust, Shopkeeper of Bradford , Wiltshire02 January 1838PROB 11/1889
Aust,Will of Uriah Aust, Carpenter of Bradford , Wiltshire22 July 1840PROB 11/1930
AyliffeWill of John Ayliffe, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire31 August 1710PROB 11/516
Bailward,Will of Constant Bailward, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire31 July 1746PROB 11/748
Bailward,Will of John Bailward, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire17 August 1743PROB 11/728
Bailward,Will of Ann Bailward, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire15 September 1788PROB 11/1169
BailyWill of John Baily alias Taunton or Bailye, Yeoman of Bradford, Wiltshire22 November 1604PROB 11/104
BailyWill of William Baily or Bailey of Bradford, Wiltshire29 July 1712PROB 11/527
Baines,Will of John Baines, Victualler of Bradford , Wiltshire01 August 1837PROB 11/1882
Baker,Will of Grace Baker, Wife of Bradford , Wiltshire09 June 1820PROB 11/1630
Ball,Will of Ann Ball, Widow of Bradford, Wiltshire10 April 1816PROB 11/1579
BartonWill of Henry Barton, Yeoman of Bradford, Wiltshire19 January 1659PROB 11/286
BaskervileWill of John Baskervile, Clothier of Bradford, Wiltshire24 March 1730PROB 11/636
Baskervile,Will of Rachel Baskervile, Spinster of Bradford , Wiltshire02 November 1779PROB 11/1058
BaskervilleWill of John Baskerville of Bradford, Wiltshire26 May 1800PROB 11/1341
Baskerville,Will of Hester Baskerville, Widow of Bradford on Avon , Wiltshire11 April 1820PROB 11/1627
BatchelorWill of William Batchelor or Batchelar, Scribler of Bradford , Wiltshire10 November 1748PROB 11/765
Bath,Will of John Bath, Woolstapler of Bradford , Wiltshire03 April 1764PROB 11/897
Batten,Will of John Batten, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire04 April 1783PROB 11/1102
Batten,Will of Sarah Batten, Wife of Bradford , Wiltshire06 January 1830PROB 11/1765
BayleyWill of John Bergly or Bayley, Innholder of Bradford, Wiltshire22 May 1658PROB 11/276
BayleyWill of William Bayley, Husbandman of Bradford, Wiltshire25 November 1563PROB 11/46
BaylyWill of Edward Bayly or Baylie, Yeoman of Bradford, Wiltshire30 November 1649PROB 11/210
BeachWill of Robert Beach of Bradford, Wiltshire09 July 1715PROB 11/547
Beaven,Will of Thomas Beaven, Fellmonger and Woolstapler of Bradford , Wiltshire06 November 1855PROB 11/2221
BennettSentence of Edward Bennett of Bradford, Wiltshire22 May 1669PROB 11/331
Bennett,Will of Edward Bennett, Grocer of Bradford, Wiltshire22 May 1669PROB 11/329
Bethel,Will of Thomas Bethel, Gentleman of Bradford, Wiltshire28 January 1756PROB 11/820
BethellWill of George Bethell of Bradford , Wiltshire16 May 1795PROB 11/1260
Bethell,Will of Hannah Bethell, Spinster of Bradford , Wiltshire06 July 1780PROB 11/1067
Bethell,Will of James Bethell, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire26 September 1831PROB 11/1790
Beverstock,Will of Ann Beverstock, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire20 February 1819PROB 11/1613
Biggs,Will of John Biggs, Yeoman of Bradford , Wiltshire15 May 1770PROB 11/957
BlanchardWill of John Blanchard, Gentleman of Bradford, Wiltshire05 September 1611PROB 11/118
Bleachly,Will of Elinor Bleachly, Widow of Bradford, Wiltshire14 May 1692PROB 11/409
Boe,Will of Henry Boe, Yeoman of Bradford, Wiltshire15 December 1726PROB 11/612
Bollen,Sentence of John Bollen, Batchelor of Bradford, Wiltshire16 February 1648PROB 11/203
Bowyer,Will of Stephen Bowyer, Yeoman of Bradford , Wiltshire23 July 1785PROB 11/1131
Broad,Will of Richard Broad, Yeoman of Bradford , Wiltshire06 June 1778PROB 11/1042
BrouseWill of John Brouse, Feltmaker of Bradford, Wiltshire02 March 1721PROB 11/578
BrowneWill of John Browne, Weaver of Bradford, Wiltshire25 November 1598PROB 11/92
Browne,Will of Walter Browne, Surgeon of Bradford , Wiltshire08 October 1796PROB 11/1280
Bruce,Will of Mary Bruce, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire27 August 1785PROB 11/1132
Budgett,Will of James Budgett, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire15 December 1842PROB 11/1971
Bulgin,Will of James Bulgin, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire03 May 1826PROB 11/1711
Bulgin,Will of Ann Bulgin, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire02 April 1855PROB 11/2209
Burcombe,Will of Richard Burcombe, Clothier of Bradford , Wiltshire01 June 1754PROB 11/809
Burcombe,Will of John Burcombe, Clothier of Bradford , Wiltshire01 June 1753PROB 11/802
BushWill of Thomas Bush of Bradford, Wiltshire05 June 1810PROB 11/1512
Bush,Will of Benjamin Bush, Cloth Worker of Bradford , Wiltshire24 May 1762PROB 11/875
Bush,Will of Thomas Bush, Clothier of Bradford , Wiltshire26 June 1744PROB 11/733
Bush,Will of Posthumus Bush, Clothworker of Bradford , Wiltshire01 October 1761PROB 11/869
ButlerWill of Joseph Butler Descrambes of Bradford , Wiltshire08 March 1799PROB 11/1320
Butt,Will of William Butt, Clothier of Bradford , Wiltshire19 February 1778PROB 11/1039
Butt,Will of Jane Butt, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire11 April 1793PROB 11/1230
Cadby,Will of Charles Cadby, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire09 May 1856PROB 11/2232
Cadby,Will of John Cadby, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire31 August 1853PROB 11/2176
CamWill of Henry Cam, Druggett Maker of Barefeild near Bradford, Wiltshire11 April 1733PROB 11/658
CamWill of Samuel Cam of Bradford , Wiltshire01 December 1792PROB 11/1225
Cam,Will of Bathsheba Cam, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire22 May 1740PROB 11/702
Cam,Will of Sarah Cam, Spinster of Bradford , Wiltshire22 May 1775PROB 11/1007
Cam,Will of James Cam, Cardmaker of Bradford , Wiltshire20 March 1771PROB 11/965
Cannings,Will of James Cannings, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire30 April 1839PROB 11/1909
Capp,Will of James Capp, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire24 May 1742PROB 11/718
Carter,Will of William Carter, Yeoman of Bradford , Wiltshire29 September 1851PROB 11/2139
ChanlerWill of William Chanler, Salter of Bradford , Wiltshire05 July 1710PROB 11/516
Chanler,Will of Elenor Chanler, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire20 July 1743PROB 11/727
Chanler,Will of William Chanler, Mercer of Bradford, Wiltshire20 May 1686PROB 11/383
Charles,Will of Robert Charles, Clothier of Bradford , Wiltshire11 December 1789PROB 11/1186
ChaulerWill of Christian Chauler, Widow of Bradford, Wiltshire14 July 1693PROB 11/415
ClarkWill of John Clark of Bradford , Wiltshire06 June 1760PROB 11/856
Clark,Will of Charles Clark, formerly Carpenter of Bradford , Wiltshire13 April 1837PROB 11/1876
ClementWill of Francis Clement, Husbandman of Bradford, Wiltshire27 November 1617PROB 11/130
ClutterbuckWill of Daniel Clutterbuck of Bradford , Wiltshire26 July 1821PROB 11/1645
Clutterbuck,Will of Daniel Clutterbuck, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire09 June 1769PROB 11/949
Clutterbuck,Will of Elizabeth Clutterbuck, Widow of Bradford Leigh , Wiltshire19 May 1826PROB 11/1712
Coleman,Will of John Coleman, Apothecary of Bradford, Wiltshire23 April 1692PROB 11/409
Coles,Will of Matthew or Mathew Coles, Engineer of Bradford , Wiltshire03 February 1846PROB 11/2030
Collar,Will of Joseph Collar, Collector of Rates of Bradford , Wiltshire04 July 1845PROB 11/2020
CooperWill of Hector Cooper, Clothier of Bradford, Wiltshire26 October 1716PROB 11/554
CornickWill of Robert Cornick, Husbandman of Bradford, Wiltshire22 September 1677PROB 11/354
CottleWill of Edward Cottle, Gentleman of Bradford, Wiltshire09 December 1719PROB 11/571
CottleWill of Edward Cottle, Clothier of Bradford, Wiltshire30 September 1758PROB 11/840
Cousins,Will of Elizabeth Cousins, Spinster of Bradford , Wiltshire08 July 1852PROB 11/2156
CrookeWill of John Crooke, Yeoman of Bradford, Wiltshire03 December 1670PROB 11/334
Cross,Will of Jane Cross, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire19 November 1781PROB 11/1083
Cross,Will of Nicholas Cross, Tanner of Bradford , Wiltshire22 March 1786PROB 11/1139
CurllWill of John Curll of Bradford, Wiltshire29 November 1714PROB 11/543
DallyWill of Thomas Dally, Shoe Maker of Bradford, Wiltshire14 September 1620PROB 11/135
Dancey,Will of Thomas Dancey, Innkeeper of Bradford , Wiltshire26 June 1834PROB 11/1832
Dancey,Will of Ann Dancey, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire23 January 1847PROB 11/2048
DannettWill of Henry Dannett of Bradford , Wiltshire23 February 1815PROB 11/1565
Dare,Will of Hastings Dare, Colonel in the English East India Company's Service on the Bengal Establishment of Bradford , Wiltshire31 October 1836PROB 11/1867
DavisWill of Robert Davis of Bradford , Wiltshire10 July 1790PROB 11/1193
Davis,Will of Samuel Davis, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire01 June 1741PROB 11/710
Davis,Will of Thomas Davis, Surgeon and Apothecary of Bradford , Wiltshire20 February 1786PROB 11/1138
Davis,Will of Thomas Brown Davis, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire13 October 1835PROB 11/1852
Davis,Will of Bridget Hayward Davis, Spinster of Bradford , Wiltshire06 October 1857PROB 11/2258
DeverellWill of Robert Deverell, Drugget Maker of Bradford, Wiltshire01 October 1716PROB 11/554
DeverellWill of John Deverell of Bradford , Wiltshire08 July 1829PROB 11/1758
Deverell,Will of Henry Deverell, Broad Clother Weaver of Bradford, Wiltshire26 May 1682PROB 11/370
Deverell,Will of John Deverell, Carpenter and Builder of Bradford , Wiltshire26 September 1855PROB 11/2219
Dick,Will of Richard Dick, Cloth Worker of Bradford, Wiltshire14 February 1695PROB 11/424
DickeWill of Robert Dicke or Dike, Yeoman of Bradford, Wiltshire30 November 1638PROB 11/178
DickeWill of George Dicke, Gentleman of Bradford, Wiltshire24 September 1717PROB 11/559
Dicke,Will of George Dicke, Clothier of Bradford, Wiltshire10 November 1669PROB 11/331
Dicke,Will of Jane Dicke, Widow of Bradford, Wiltshire02 October 1646PROB 11/197
DikeWill of George Dike of Bradford , Wiltshire09 December 1783PROB 11/1111
Dike,Will of Thomas Dike, Clothier of Bradford , Wiltshire26 June 1741PROB 11/710
Dike,Will of Joseph Dike, Victualler of Bradford , Wiltshire26 March 1783PROB 11/1101
Dike,Will of Hannah Dike, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire22 February 1766PROB 11/916
Dike,Will of Richard Dike, Clothier of Bradford, Wiltshire21 November 1639PROB 11/181
DoleWill of John Dole of Bradford , Wiltshire04 September 1806PROB 11/1448
DruceWill of James Druce, Clothier of Bradford, Wiltshire13 May 1727PROB 11/615
DruceWill of John Druce, Husbandman of Bradford, Wiltshire15 May 1565PROB 11/48
DruceWill of Robert Druce, Yeoman of Bradford, Wiltshire11 February 1667PROB 11/323
DruceWill of Anthony Druce, Clothier of Bradford, Wiltshire16 January 1678PROB 11/356
DruceWill of William Druce, Gentleman of Bradford, Wiltshire19 October 1693PROB 11/416
DruceWill of Susan Druce, Widow of Bradford, Wiltshire27 January 1739PROB 11/694
DruceWill of William Druce, Cloth Worker of Bradford, Wiltshire25 June 1729PROB 11/630
DruceWill of Devinck Druce, Clothier of Bradford, Wiltshire27 May 1734PROB 11/665
Druce,Will of John Druce, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire30 July 1741PROB 11/710
Druce,Will of Mary Druce, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire26 July 1740PROB 11/703
Druce,Will of John Druce, Clothier of Bradford, Wiltshire06 November 1686PROB 11/385
Dunn,Will of Mary Dunn, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire03 March 1809PROB 11/1494
Dunn,Will of Reverend William Dunn, Dissenting Minister of Bradford , Wiltshire23 July 1805PROB 11/1428
Dunsdon,Will of William Dunsdon, Plumber of Bradford , Wiltshire18 November 1841PROB 11/1953
EarleWill of Frances Earle of Bradford , Wiltshire16 June 1753PROB 11/802
Eaton,Will of Susanna Eaton, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire24 January 1789PROB 11/1174
EdmondsWill of Ezekiel Edmonds of Bradford , Wiltshire20 September 1852PROB 11/2158
Edmonds,Will of Elimelech Edmonds, Clothier of Bradford , Wiltshire28 July 1829PROB 11/1758
England,Will of George England, Clothier of Bradford , Wiltshire16 April 1814PROB 11/1555
ErberyWill of William Erbery, Clothmaker of Bradford, Wiltshire14 April 1597PROB 11/89
Eyles,Will of John Eyles, Yeoman of Bradford , Wiltshire04 February 1766PROB 11/916
FinchWill of James Finch of Bradford , Wiltshire03 April 1815PROB 11/1567
Fisher,Will of Benjamin Fisher, Milman of Bradford , Wiltshire10 August 1787PROB 11/1156
Fisher,Will of Mary Fisher, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire31 July 1786PROB 11/1144
Fisher,Will of William Fisher, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire01 February 1806PROB 11/1438
Fisher,Will of George Dike Fisher, Common Brewer of Bradford , Wiltshire20 February 1836PROB 11/1857
Fisher,Will of Susanna Fisher, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire06 March 1822PROB 11/1654
Fisher,Will of Maria Fisher, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire31 March 1846PROB 11/2032
Fisher,Will of Charles Fisher, Brewer of Bradford , Wiltshire06 October 1853PROB 11/2179
Foord,Will of James Foord, Malster of Bradford, Wiltshire31 December 1750PROB 11/784
Forster,Will of Judith Forster, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire01 September 1853PROB 11/2178
Fowler,Will of Anna Fowler, Spinster of Bradford , Wiltshire14 February 1744PROB 11/731
Francis,Will of Sarah Francis, Widow of Winsley near Bradford , Wiltshire27 April 1835PROB 11/1845
Furnall,Will of Hannah Furnall, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire02 October 1833PROB 11/1822
Gale,Will of Sarah Gale, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire09 September 1806PROB 11/1449
Gibbons,Will of Elizabeth Gibbons, Spinster of Bradford, Wiltshire27 November 1674PROB 11/346
GibbsWill of Lionell Gibbs, Cordwainer of Bradford, Wiltshire22 October 1714PROB 11/542
Gibbs,Will of John Gibbs, Feltmaker of Bradford , Wiltshire19 June 1770PROB 11/958
Gibson,Will of Charles Gibson, Gentleman of Bradford , Somerset05 February 1853PROB 11/2167
Godby,Will of Richard Godby, Glover of Bradford, Wiltshire29 January 1691PROB 11/403
Godsell,Will of Anthony Godsell, Blacksmith of Bradford, Wiltshire21 November 1657PROB 11/270
Godwin,Will of John Earl Godwin, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire08 December 1790PROB 11/1199
Godwin,Will of Jeremiah Godwin, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire03 July 1795PROB 11/1263
Godwin,Will of Elizabeth Godwin, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire17 October 1817PROB 11/1597
GoldsbroughWill of George Gouldisborough or Goldsbrough, Gentleman of Bradford, Wiltshire26 April 1687PROB 11/387
GortonWill of Anne Gorton, Widow of Bradford, Wiltshire22 September 1677PROB 11/354
Gorton,Will of Thomas Gorton, Carrier of Bradford, Wiltshire20 May 1676PROB 11/350
GrannteWill of Robert Grannte, Clothman of Bradford, Wiltshire23 April 1575PROB 11/57
GrannteWill of Robert Grannte of Bradford, Wiltshire22 November 1595PROB 11/86
GrantWill of Richard Grant, Yeoman of Bradford, Wiltshire30 May 1715PROB 11/546
Grant,Will of Rachell Grant, Wife of Bradford , Wiltshire06 April 1744PROB 11/732
GrawnteWill of Walter Grawnte, Clothman of Bradford, Wiltshire02 August 1581PROB 11/63
Gray,Will of Charles Gray, Servant of Bradford , Wiltshire01 February 1843PROB 11/1974
Grist,Will of Mary Grist, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire08 February 1821PROB 11/1639
GuningWill of Thomas Guning, Yeoman of Bradford, Wiltshire15 September 1726PROB 11/610
HallWill of John Hall of Bradford, Wiltshire07 May 1631PROB 11/159
HallWill of Richard Hall, Yeoman of Bradford, Wiltshire14 November 1729PROB 11/633
HallWill of John Hall of Bradford, Wiltshire05 September 1711PROB 11/523
HalleWill of William Halle of Bradford, Wiltshire27 January 1551PROB 11/34
Halledey,Will of Anselm Halledey, Dyer of Bradford, Wiltshire14 February 1681PROB 11/365
HallidayWill of Robert Halliday, Gentleman of Bradford, Wiltshire20 January 1736PROB 11/675
Halliday,Will of Robert Halliday, Clothier of Bradford , Wiltshire13 February 1792PROB 11/1214
Hanks,Will of Thomas Hanks, Yeoman of Bradford , Wiltshire13 March 1850PROB 11/2110
Hanks,Will of Thomas Hanks, Yeoman of Bradford , Wiltshire13 March 1850PROB 11/2110
Harding,Will of Paul Harding, Quarter Master in His Majesty's 27th Regiment of Light Dragoons of Bradford, Wiltshire06 October 1806PROB 11/1450
Harding,Will of Paul Harding, Yeoman of Bradford on Avon , Wiltshire27 October 1800PROB 11/1348
Harrill,Will of David Harrill, Yeoman of Bradford on Avon , Wiltshire14 April 1788PROB 11/1164
HarrisWill of William Harris, Apothecary and Surgeon of Bradford, Wiltshire12 October 1757PROB 11/833
Harris,Will of Thomas Harris, Currier of Bradford , Wiltshire01 May 1852PROB 11/2153
Harvey,Will of William Harvey, Clothier of Bradford , Wiltshire21 February 1823PROB 11/1666
Hawkins,Will of George Hawkins, Yeoman of Bradford , Wiltshire20 February 1833PROB 11/1811
Haynes,Will of Richard Haynes, Dissenting Minister and Clothier of Bradford , Wiltshire17 October 1768PROB 11/942
Haynes,Will of Anna Haynes, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire23 May 1801PROB 11/1357
Hayward,Will of William Hayward, Yeoman of Bradford , Wiltshire01 September 1818PROB 11/1608
HazardWill of Richard Hazard or alias Harford, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire05 September 1837PROB 11/1884
Head,Will of Jeosophat Head, Clothier of Bradford, Wiltshire16 June 1756PROB 11/823
Head,Will of Edmund Head, Clothier of Bradford , Wiltshire26 October 1741PROB 11/712
Head,Will of George Head, Clothier of Bradford , Wiltshire20 July 1785PROB 11/1132
HealeWill of Thomas Heale, Clothworker of Bradford, Wiltshire19 November 1702PROB 11/467
Heals,Will of John Heals, Fisherman of Bradford , Wiltshire30 April 1817PROB 11/1591
Hillard,Will of Adam Hillard, Mercer of Bradford, Wiltshire05 October 1646PROB 11/197
HillcoatWill of Sarah Anne Hillcoat of Winsley near Bradford , Wiltshire11 January 1851PROB 11/2125
Hillier,Will of Thomas Clark Hillier, Yeoman of Bradford , Wiltshire07 November 1850PROB 11/2122
Hinton,Will of Anthony Hinton, Gentleman of Bradford, Wiltshire05 September 1653PROB 11/230
Hinton,Will of John Hinton, Dissenting Minister of the Gospel of Bradford , Wiltshire22 July 1822PROB 11/1659
Hislop,Will of Margaret Hislop, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire24 March 1777PROB 11/1029
HooperWill of Mary Hooper of Bradford , Wiltshire18 April 1837PROB 11/1876
Hooper,Will of Robert Hooper, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire04 February 1825PROB 11/1695
Hopkins,Will of Thomas Hopkins, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire12 February 1848PROB 11/2069
HorneWill of Richard Horne, Gentleman of Bradford, Wiltshire04 November 1620PROB 11/136
HorneWill of Richard Horne, Clothier of Bradford, Wiltshire28 January 1577PROB 11/59
HortonWill of Dame Mary Horton, Widow of Bradford, Wiltshire22 January 1544PROB 11/30
HortonWill of Margery Horton, Widow of Bradford, Wiltshire14 November 1564PROB 11/47
Houlton,Will of John Houlton, Clothier of Bradford, Wiltshire18 November 1682PROB 11/371
Houlton,Will of Jane Houlton, Widow of Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire16 October 1684PROB 11/377
Howell,Will of James Howell, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire11 January 1833PROB 11/1810
Hulbert,Will of Joseph Hulbert, Lieutenant on half pay from His Majesty's late Seventy Second Regiment of Foot of Bradford , Wiltshire10 August 1768PROB 11/941
HullWill of Samuell Hull, Dyer of Bradford, Wiltshire03 February 1713PROB 11/531
Hunt,Will of Thomas Hunt, Brewer of Bradford , Wiltshire06 February 1851PROB 11/2127
Hutchings,Will of George Hutchings, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire21 October 1754PROB 11/811
Hutchings,Will of Mary Hutchings, Spinster of Bradford , Wiltshire13 January 1797PROB 11/1284
JamesWill of Simon James, Gentleman of Bradford, Wiltshire26 August 1616PROB 11/128
James,Will of Mary James, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire06 May 1839PROB 11/1911
JohnsonWill of Thomas Johnson of Bradford , Wiltshire29 November 1790PROB 11/1198
JonesWill of Daniel Jones, Dyer of Bradford, Wiltshire17 February 1733PROB 11/657
JonesWill of Edward Jones of Bradford , Wiltshire29 November 1803PROB 11/1401
Jones,Will of John Jones, Gentleman of Bradford on Avon , Wiltshire04 September 1807PROB 11/1467
Jones,Will of Charles Jones, Builder of Bradford , Wiltshire25 November 1853PROB 11/2181
Jotham,Will of John Jotham, Clothier of Bradford , Wiltshire29 March 1800PROB 11/1339
Jotham,Will of William Jotham, Clothworker of Bradford , Wiltshire20 November 1815PROB 11/1574
KarburieWill of Thomas Karburie, Clothier of Bradford, Wiltshire11 May 1612PROB 11/119
KeepingWill of John Keeping, Yeoman of Bradford , Wiltshire26 March 1707PROB 11/493
Keevil,Will of James Keevil, Shoe Merchant of Bradford , Wiltshire27 June 1857PROB 11/2253
KelsonWill of William Kelson, Broad Weaver of Bradford, Wiltshire06 November 1729PROB 11/633
KetteltyWill of Nehemiah Morgan Kettelty of Bradford , Wiltshire19 December 1834PROB 11/1840
KingWill of Richard King, Perukemaker of Bradford, Wiltshire05 August 1738PROB 11/691
King,Will of Henry King, Shopkeeper of Bradford , Wiltshire08 May 1779PROB 11/1053
King,Will of Richard King, Clothworker of Bradford, Wiltshire23 July 1685PROB 11/380
Kington,Will of Lawrence Kington, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire07 April 1761PROB 11/864
Kirkpatrick,Will of George Kirkpatrick, Hair Merchant of Bradford , Wiltshire09 November 1752PROB 11/798
Knapp,Will of William Knapp, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire02 January 1850PROB 11/2106
LangleyWill of Robert Langley of Bradford , Wiltshire23 November 1816PROB 11/1576
LavingtonWill of Edward Lavington, Broad Weaver of Bradford, Wiltshire28 March 1713PROB 11/532
LeaWill of John Lea, Yeoman of Bradford, Wiltshire16 January 1730PROB 11/635
Lea,Will of Richard Lea, Grazier of Bradford , Wiltshire25 February 1742PROB 11/716
Lea,Will of David Lea, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire27 January 1773PROB 11/984
Lea,Will of William Lea, Gentleman of Bradford on Avon , Wiltshire17 December 1776PROB 11/1026
LewisWill of Thomas Lewis, Clerk of Bradford, Wiltshire12 April 1711PROB 11/520
Lewis,Will of Cornelius Lewis, Butcher of Bradford , Wiltshire23 April 1853PROB 11/2170
Lewis,Will of Cornelius Lewis, Butcher of Bradford , Wiltshire23 April 1853PROB 11/2170
Little,Will of Richard Little, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire22 February 1827PROB 11/1721
LongWill of Katharine Long, Widow of Bradford, Wiltshire03 February 1727PROB 11/613
LongWill of Thomas Long of Bradford , Wiltshire07 March 1759PROB 11/845
Long,Will of Anne Long, Spinster of Bradford, Wiltshire07 February 1803PROB 11/1387
Long,Will of Katherine Long, Spinster of Bradford , Wiltshire20 January 1814PROB 11/1551
Long,Will of Walter Long, Yeoman of Bradford , Wiltshire16 October 1844PROB 11/2006
Long,Will of James Long, Coal Merchant of Bradford on Avon , Wiltshire14 November 1844PROB 11/2007
LooveWill of William Loove, Yeoman of Bradford, Wiltshire11 October 1597PROB 11/90
LoveWill of William Love of Bradford, Wiltshire21 April 1659PROB 11/289
Lowson,Will of Thomas Broome Lowson, Gentleman of Bradford on Avon , Wiltshire29 October 1847PROB 11/2063
Lowson,Will of Charlotte Augusta Lowson, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire16 August 1850PROB 11/2118
Luxford,Will of Edward Luxford, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire05 February 1840PROB 11/1923
Lyddiard,Will of Harry Lyddiard, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire15 May 1741PROB 11/709
Mackay,Will of Elizabeth Mackay, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire08 September 1854PROB 11/2197
Magrath,Will of Mark Magrath, late Captain in His Majesty's Eighty Ninth Regiment of Foot of Bradford , Wiltshire24 September 1798PROB 11/1312
MarksWill of James Marks, Shopkeeper of Bradford, Wiltshire08 September 1758PROB 11/840
Marks,Will of James Marks, Cordwainer of Bradford , Wiltshire03 October 1832PROB 11/1806
Masters,Will of Mary Masters, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire24 May 1803PROB 11/1393
MatthewWill of Thomas Matthew or Mathew, Yeoman of Bradford, Wiltshire15 February 1634PROB 11/165
MayheweWill of Margery Mayhewe of Bradford, Wiltshire25 November 1640PROB 11/184
Mead,Will of Mary Mead, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire26 June 1826PROB 11/1713
MeareWill of William Meare of Bradford, Somerset01 May 1585PROB 11/68
MethnenWill of William Methnen of Bradford, Wiltshire01 July 1719PROB 11/569
MethnenWill of Paul Methnen of Bradford , Wiltshire06 December 1755PROB 11/819
MethuenWill of Anthony Methuen of Bradford, Wiltshire31 October 1717PROB 11/560
Methuen,Will of Henry Methuen, Clothier of Bradford , Wiltshire30 July 1741PROB 11/710
Methuen,Will of Ann Methuen, Spinster of Bradford , Wiltshire20 March 1773PROB 11/986
Methuen,Will of Sarah Methuen, Spinster of Bradford , Wiltshire21 April 1787PROB 11/1152
MethwenWill of Paul Methwen of Clothier, Bradford30 July 1667PROB 11/324
MethwenWill of Joan Dick or Dicke, Spinster of Bradford, Wiltshire22 June 1672PROB 11/339
MilesWill of Elizabeth Miles, Widow of Bradford and Trowbridge, Wiltshire15 November 1707PROB 11/497
Miles,Will of William Miles, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire08 November 1806PROB 11/1452
MillardWill of Alice Millard of Bradford, Wiltshire07 July 1655PROB 11/244
Mizen,Will of Thomas Mizen, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire22 January 1842PROB 11/1956
More,Will of John More, Victualler of Bradford, Wiltshire19 October 1642PROB 11/190
MorrisWill of John Morres or Morris, Husbandman of Bradford, Wiltshire29 February 1572PROB 11/54
MorrisWill of Christopher Morris, Yeoman of Bradford, Wiltshire03 June 1624PROB 11/143
Mundy,Will of William Mundy, Cloth Dresser of Bradford , Wiltshire16 April 1831PROB 11/1784
Mundy,Will of John Mundy, Clothier of Bradford on Avon , Wiltshire29 November 1827PROB 11/1733
Mundy,Will of George Mundy, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire07 July 1852PROB 11/2156
NeedhamWill of Ann Needham, Spinster of Bradford, Wiltshire21 May 1800PROB 11/1342
NibleyWill of John Nibley otherwise Nibly, Parish Clerk of Bradford , Wiltshire04 July 1809PROB 11/1501
Nicholls,Will of Thomas Nicholls, Draper of Bradford , Wiltshire05 June 1819PROB 11/1617
Orum,Will of Moses Orum, Yeoman of Bradford , Wiltshire6 June 1800PROB 11/1344
Orum,Will of Mary Orum, Widow of Bradford upon Avon , Wiltshire03 May 1811PROB 11/1522
Palairet,Will of Septimus Henry Palairet, late Captain of Her Majesty's twenty ninth Regiment of Foot of Bradford , Wiltshire15 July 1854PROB 11/2195
PalmerWill of James Palmer of Bradford , Wiltshire27 June 1821PROB 11/1645
Palmer,Will of William Palmer, Surgeon and Apothecary of Bradford on Avon , Wiltshire05 May 1788PROB 11/1166
PareWill of Frances Pare, Spinster of Bradford, Wiltshire14 May 1712PROB 11/527
Parsons,Will of James Parsons, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire23 September 1857PROB 11/2258
Pearce,Will of Richard Pearce, Innholder of Bradford , Wiltshire23 June 1796PROB 11/1276
Pearce,Will of Joseph Chaning Pearce, Surgeon of Bradford , Wiltshire12 July 1847PROB 11/2059
PelchamWill of Richard Pelcham, Butcher of Bradford, Wiltshire23 November 1598PROB 11/92
PerrinWill of Samuell Perrin, Gentleman of Bradford, Wiltshire26 November 1728PROB 11/626
PhelpsWill of John Phelps, Clothier of Bradford, Wiltshire05 March 1735PROB 11/670
PhelpsWill of Steaphen or Stephen Phelps, Clothier of Bradford , Wiltshire05 June 1765PROB 11/909
Phelps,Will of Joseph Phelps, Clothier of Bradford , Wiltshire14 August 1794PROB 11/1249
Phend,Will of Reverend Nicholas Phend, Clerk of Bradford , Wiltshire19 November 1792PROB 11/1225
Phillips,Will of Hester Phillips, Spinster of Bradford , Wiltshire15 August 1795PROB 11/1265
Phipps,Will of Sarah Phipps, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire06 September 1838PROB 11/1901
PinchinWill of Thomas Pinchin, Yeoman of Bradford, Wiltshire08 April 1647PROB 11/200
PinchingWill of Richard Pinching, Yeoman of Bradford, Wiltshire27 March 1713PROB 11/532
Pinnell,Will of Jeffery Pinnell, Clothier of Bradford , Wiltshire01 April 1741PROB 11/709
PitmanWill of John Pitman, Merchant Tailor of Bradford, Wiltshire11 October 1757PROB 11/833
PitmanWill of John Pitman, Mercer of Bradford , Wiltshire07 June 1765PROB 11/909
Pitman,Will of William Pitman, Clothier of Bradford , Wiltshire21 July 1766PROB 11/920
Pitman,Will of James Pitman, Cloth Drawer of Bradford on Avon , Wiltshire07 June 1788PROB 11/1167
Poole,Will of Elizabeth Poole, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire15 October 1768PROB 11/943
Pope,Will of Andrew Pope, Shopkeeper of Bradford, Wiltshire01 March 1757PROB 11/829
Poulsom,Will of Jacob Poulsom, Yeoman of Bradford , Wiltshire22 September 1832PROB 11/1805
Primrose,Will of John Primrose, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire03 November 1820PROB 11/1636
RandolphWill of John Randolph, Gentleman of Bradford, Wiltshire16 July 1679PROB 11/360
Rawling,Will of Barbara Rawling, Widow of Bradford, Wiltshire15 July 1816PROB 11/1582
Raynolds,Will of Samuel Raynolds, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire01 October 1778PROB 11/1046
RaynorWill of Samuel Raynor of Bradford , Wiltshire14 August 1806PROB 11/1448
Raynor,Will of Ann Raynor, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire11 July 1855PROB 11/2216
ReadWill of Richard Read or Reade of Bradford, Wiltshire26 June 1634PROB 11/165
Read,Will of William Read, Clothier of Bradford , Wiltshire28 March 1764PROB 11/897
Read,Will of Joshua Read, Gentleman of Bradford on Avon , Wiltshire04 March 1762PROB 11/874
Read,Will of Elizabeth Read, Spinster of Bradford , Wiltshire10 July 1772PROB 11/979
Read,Will of Thomas Read, Clerk of Bradford, Wiltshire21 June 1634PROB 11/165
ReadeWill of Anne Reade, Widow of Bradford, Wiltshire24 March 1646PROB 11/195
Relph,Will of John Relph, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire09 April 1835PROB 11/1846
Renison,Will of John Renison, Clother of Bradford, Wiltshire26 August 1816PROB 11/1583
ReymerWill of Anna Reymer otherwise Rymill, Servant of Bradford , Wiltshire16 January 1810PROB 11/1507
Reynolds,Will of Samuel Reynolds, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire15 June 1795PROB 11/1262
RimdellWill of John Rimdell of Bradford04 November 1557PROB 11/39
Roberts,Will of Robert Roberts, Shopkeeper of Bradford , Wiltshire10 January 1743PROB 11/723
RocheWill of Francis Roche, Innholder of Bradford , Wiltshire23 March 1732PROB 11/650
Rodway,Will of Reverend Joseph Rodway, Dissenting Minister of Bradford , Wiltshire30 November 1843PROB 11/1988
Rodway,Will of Mary Rodway, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire13 May 1853PROB 11/2172
RogersWill of Anthony Rogers of Bradford, Wiltshire25 April 1581PROB 11/63
Rogers,Will of John Rogers, Vicar, Clerk of Bradford , Wiltshire30 May 1754PROB 11/808
Rogers,Will of Anthony Rogers, Yeoman of Bradford, Wiltshire10 December 1650PROB 11/214
Russell,Will of Dorothy Russell, Spinster of Bradford , Wiltshire04 August 1854PROB 11/2196
Russell,Will of Dorothy Russell, Spinster of Bradford , Wiltshire04 August 1854PROB 11/2196
SargentWill of George Sargent of Bradford Leigh House , Wiltshire25 August 1832PROB 11/1804
SartainWill of Grace Sartain of Bradford , Wiltshire23 May 1810PROB 11/1511
Sartain,Will of Sarah Sartain, Spinster of Bradford, Wiltshire28 August 1816PROB 11/1583
Sartain,Will of Mary Ann Sartain, Spinster of Bradford , Wiltshire09 June 1797PROB 11/1293
Saunders,Will of Thomas Saunders, Clothier of Bradford, Wiltshire10 March 1757PROB 11/829
Scammells,Will of Ruth Scammells, Spinster of Bradford , Wiltshire08 December 1834PROB 11/1840
Scrope,Will of Rachel Scrope, Spinster of Bradford , Wiltshire18 June 1753PROB 11/802
Seager,Will of Thomas Seager, Victualler of Bradford , Wiltshire14 February 1787PROB 11/1150
SelfeWill of Jacob Selfe of Bradford , Wiltshire20 December 1757PROB 11/834
SeryngtonWill of Oliver Seruyngton or Seryngton of Bradford, WiltshireFebruary 1419PROB 11/2B
Seymour,Will of Jane Seymour, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire28 February 1848PROB 11/2070
Seymour,Will of Joseph Seymour, Dissenting Minister of Bradford , Wiltshire11 May 1841PROB 11/1946
Sheppard,Will of Thomas Sheppard, Mealman of Bradford , Wiltshire10 March 1847PROB 11/2053
ShewellWill of John Shewell, Gentleman of Bradford, Wiltshire26 January 1739PROB 11/694
Shewring,Will of Stephen Shewring, Tailor of Bradford , Wiltshire15 May 1741PROB 11/709
ShrapnelWill of Zachariah Shrapnel of Bradford , Wiltshire23 June 1796PROB 11/1276
Shrapnel,Will of Lydia Shrapnell, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire09 May 1797PROB 11/1291
ShrapnellWill of John Shrapnell, Cloth Drawer of Bradford, Wiltshire19 July 1729PROB 11/631
Shrapnell,Will of Zachariah Shrapnell, Clothier of Bradford , Wiltshire22 June 1723PROB 11/591
Shrapnell,Will of Philip Shrapnell, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire03 July 1790PROB 11/1194
SilbeWill of Jacob Silbe, Clothier of Bradford, Wiltshire04 November 1661PROB 11/306
Simister,Will of Robert Simister, Cork Cutter of Bradford , Wiltshire24 October 1810PROB 11/1516
Slater,Will of Mary Slater, Wife of Bradford , Wiltshire10 June 1846PROB 11/2038
SmallcombeWill of Ann Smallcombe formerly Godwin, Wife of Bradford , Wiltshire22 April 1823PROB 11/1669
Smallcombe,Will of Benjamin Smallcombe, Yeoman of Bradford , Wiltshire04 March 1830PROB 11/1769
Smart,Will of Stephen Smart, Innholder and Malster of Bradford , Wiltshire26 April 1745PROB 11/739
Smart,Will of Thomas Smart, Grocer of Bradford , Wiltshire27 January 1845PROB 11/2011
Smart,Will of Ann Smart, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire06 October 1852PROB 11/2160
SmithWill of Francis Smith, Malster of Bradford , Wiltshire14 November 1705PROB 11/485
Smith,Will of Joseph Smith, Gentleman of Bradford, Wiltshire10 October 1804PROB 11/1416
Smith,Will of Mathew Smith, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire13 August 1743PROB 11/728
Smith,Will of Thomas Smith, Butcher of Bradford , Wiltshire07 November 1857PROB 11/2260
Smith,Will of Thomas Smith, Butcher of Bradford , Wiltshire07 November 1857PROB 11/2260
Spackman,Will of Charles Spackman, Dyer of Bradford , Wiltshire03 July 1844PROB 11/2002
Spackman,Will of Thomas Spackman, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire28 April 1845PROB 11/2016
Spackman,Will of Thomas Spackman, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire16 March 1853PROB 11/2169
Spackman,Will of Thomas Spackman, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire16 March 1853PROB 11/2169
Spackman,Will of Thomas Spackman, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire20 October 1851PROB 11/2141
Sparks,Will of William Sparks, Yeoman of Bradford , Wiltshire04 May 1829PROB 11/1756
SpencerWill of John Spencer of Bradford , Wiltshire04 July 1837PROB 11/1882
Spencer,Will of Jemima Spencer, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire06 February 1851PROB 11/2128
Spencer,Will of Jemima Spencer, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire06 February 1851PROB 11/2128
StephensWill of Hannah Stephens, Widow of Bradford, Wiltshire20 November 1729PROB 11/633
Stephens,Will of Thomas Stephens, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire25 May 1789PROB 11/1179
StevensWill of William Stevens, Clothman of Bradford, Wiltshire17 October 1573PROB 11/55
StevensWill of Thomas Stevens, Malster of Bradford, Wiltshire06 June 1728PROB 11/622
StevensWill of Samuel Stevens Trow of Bradford , Wiltshire26 June 1807PROB 11/1463
Stevens,Will of William Stevens, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire26 March 1808PROB 11/1476
Stevens,Will of William Stevens, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire03 March 1855PROB 11/2209
Stevens,Will of William Stevens, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire03 March 1855PROB 11/2209
StewardWill of Charles Steward, Gentleman of Bradford, Wiltshire25 October 1698PROB 11/447
Stokes,Will of Abraham Stokes, Gardener of Bradford , Wiltshire27 September 1827PROB 11/1731
Stratten,Will of John Stratten, Coal Merchant of Bradford , Wiltshire09 September 1857PROB 11/2258
Strawbridge,Will of John Strawbridge, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire02 April 1807PROB 11/1460
Stuart,Will of James Stuart, Shopkeeper of Bradford , Wiltshire27 January 1794PROB 11/1241
TalboysWill of Richard Talboys, Gentleman of Bradford, Wiltshire15 December 1699PROB 11/453
Taplin,Will of Robert Taplin, Blacksmith of Bradford, Wiltshire31 January 1696PROB 11/433
Tatam,Will of John Tatam, Gentleman of Bradford on Avon , Wiltshire02 May 1849PROB 11/2093
TauntonWill of William Taunton alias Baylye, Yeoman of Bradford, Wiltshire23 January 1596PROB 11/87
Taylor,Will of William Taylor, formerly Grocer and Linendraper of Bradford , Wiltshire17 July 1820PROB 11/1632
Taylor,Will of Richard Taylor, Gentleman of Bradford on Avon , Wiltshire11 March 1820PROB 11/1627
Taylor,Will of Ann Jenkins Taylor, Wife of Bradford , Wiltshire23 February 1848PROB 11/2070
Thomas,Will of John Thomas, Officer of Excise of Bradford , Wiltshire15 April 1836PROB 11/1861
ThompsonWill of Margret or Margaret Thompson, Widow of Bradford, Wiltshire30 June 1733PROB 11/660
ThresherWill of Edward Thresher, Clothier of Bradford, Wiltshire09 June 1726PROB 11/609
ThresherWill of John Thresher of Bradford , Wiltshire24 October 1741PROB 11/713
Thresher,Will of Ellin Thresher, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire25 June 1753PROB 11/802
TidcombeWill of Michaell Tidcombe, Gentleman of Bradford, Wiltshire11 August 1662PROB 11/309
TidcombeWill of William Tidcombe or Tidcomb, Gentleman of Bradford, Wiltshire05 July 1683PROB 11/373
Tidcombe,Sentence of William Tidcombe, Gentleman of Bradford, Wiltshire21 June 1683PROB 11/374
TimbrellWill of Thomas Timbrell, Dyer of Bradford , Wiltshire24 May 1815PROB 11/1569
Timbrell,Will of Thomas Timbrell, Baker of Bradford , Wiltshire24 March 1741PROB 11/708
Timbrell,Will of Charles Timbrell, Dyer of Bradford , Wiltshire20 March 1771PROB 11/965
Timbrell,Will of Charles Timbrell, Dyer of Bradford , Wiltshire06 September 1822PROB 11/1661
Timbrell,Will of Elizabeth Timbrell, Spinster of Bradford , Wiltshire02 February 1849PROB 11/2088
Titcombe,Will of Thomas Titcombe, Yeoman of Bradford , Wiltshire19 September 1783PROB 11/1108
Tolley,Will of Richard Tolley, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire20 June 1827PROB 11/1727
TrusseWill of Anne Trusse, Widow of Bradford, Wiltshire09 May 1722PROB 11/585
Tucker,Will of George Tucker, Manager of the Gas Works of Bradford , Wiltshire24 October 1855PROB 11/2221
Tucker,Will of George Tucker, Manager of the Gas Works of Bradford , Wiltshire24 October 1855PROB 11/2221
TugwellWill of Elizabeth Tugwell, Widow of Bradford, Wiltshire13 August 1801PROB 11/1362
TugwellWill of Mawbey Tugwell, Clothier of Bradford , Wiltshire01 June 1815PROB 11/1570
Tugwell,Will of Humphrey or Humphry Tugwell, Clothier of Bradford , Wiltshire19 September 1775PROB 11/1011
Tugwell,Will of Thomas Tugwell, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire18 June 1833PROB 11/1818
TylerWill of Jonathan Tyler, Dyer of Bradford, Wiltshire16 April 1719PROB 11/568
TylerWill of Katharine Tyler, Widow of Bradford, Wiltshire23 May 1726PROB 11/609
WastfieldWill of John Wasfield or Wastfield, Clothier of Bradford, Wiltshire06 December 1746PROB 11/751
Wastfield,Will of Job Wastfield, Millwright of Bradford , Wiltshire07 May 1847PROB 11/2056
Watkins,Will of Thomas Watkins, Clerk of Bradford, Wiltshire27 November 1802PROB 11/1383
WayWill of Edward Way, Worsted Comber of Bradford, Wiltshire11 February 1658PROB 11/273
Webbe Will of John Webbe of Bradford, Wiltshire13 May 1456PROB 11/4
Wereat,Will of Mary Wereat, Spinster of Bradford , Wiltshire22 June 1784PROB 11/1118
Wereat,Will of John Wereat, Mercer of Bradford , Wiltshire27 July 1743PROB 11/728
Westall,Will of Richard Westall, Clothier of Bradford , Wiltshire29 December 1838PROB 11/1904
WhatlyWill of Richard Whatly of Bradford , Wiltshire26 November 1782PROB 11/1097
WhellerWill of James Wheller, Dyer of Bradford, Wiltshire15 June 1733PROB 11/660
Wheller,Will of James Wheller, Yeoman of Bradford , Wiltshire22 June 1785PROB 11/1131
Wheller,Will of Silvester Wheller, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire23 June 1785PROB 11/1131
Whiller,Will of John Whiller, Baker of Bradford , Wiltshire27 May 1766PROB 11/919
WhiteWill of Edward White, Innholder of Bradford , Wiltshire17 June 1755PROB 11/816
WhiteWill of Abigail White formerly Cooper, Wife of Bradford , Wiltshire04 December 1759PROB 11/851
White,Will of Elizabeth White, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire06 June 1761PROB 11/866
WilletWill of Rachel Willet, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire23 May 1755PROB 11/816
WilletWill of Seymer Willet or Willett, Tobacconist of Bradford , Wiltshire03 September 1751PROB 11/790
WillettWill of James Willett, Drugget Maker of Bradford, Wiltshire25 May 1734PROB 11/665
WillettWill of James Willett, Drugget Maker of Bradford, Wiltshire19 November 1731PROB 11/648
WillsheareWill of Edward Willsheare or Wilsheare, Cordwainder of Bradford, Wiltshire18 June 1651PROB 11/217
Wilmot,Will of Edith Wilmot, Spinster of Bradford on Avon , Wiltshire20 February 1788PROB 11/1163
Wilshere,Will of Sarah Wilshere, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire20 November 1798PROB 11/1315
Wilshere,Will of Richard Wilshere, Gentleman of Bradford , Wiltshire16 April 1795PROB 11/1260
Wiltshire,Will of Roger Wiltshire, Yeoman of Bradford , Wiltshire13 August 1822PROB 11/1661
YearberyeWill of Thomas Yearberye of Bradford, Wiltshire08 April 1573PROB 11/55
YerburyWill of Gifford Yerbury, Gentleman of Bradford, Wiltshire18 August 1631PROB 11/160
YerburyWill of Ann Yerbury, Widow of Bradford , Wiltshire30 May 1799PROB 11/1325
YerburyWill of Francis Yerbury, Gentleman of Bradford, Wiltshire12 January 1734PROB 11/663
YerburyWill of John Yerbury, Malster of Bradford, Wiltshire15 November 1729PROB 11/633
YerburyWill of Thomas Yerbury, Clothier of Bradford , Wiltshire22 November 1733PROB 11/662
YerburyWill of Thomas Yerbury, Clothier of Bradford , Wiltshire19 October 1752PROB 11/797
YerburyWill of John William Yerbury of Bradford , Wiltshire27 January 1825PROB 11/1694
Yerbury,Will of Thomas Yerberry or Yerbury, Clothier of Bradford, Wiltshire05 December 1651PROB 11/219
Yerbury,Will of Rachel Yerbury, Spinster of Bradford, Wiltshire12 May 1803PROB 11/1393
Yerbury,Will of Elizabeth Yerbury, Spinster of Bradford , Wiltshire17 February 1777PROB 11/1028
Yerbury,Will of Francis Yerbury, Widow of Bradford, Wiltshire20 January 1634PROB 11/165
YerburyeWill of John Yerburye or Yerburie, Gentleman of Bradford, Wiltshire07 February 1615PROB 11/125
YeweWill of John Yewe, Gentleman of Bradford, Wiltshire03 December 1623PROB 11/142
YoungWill of Thomas Young, Yeoman of Bradford, Wiltshire09 December 1719PROB 11/571